Daily Bookings Report

We just recently converted from Vantage to E10. Does anyone know how we can create a report that shows Daily Bookings. We need a net of bookings daily that captures new orders and net changes to orders.

Hi Pam,

First, you’ll need a little setup: Company Configuration > Modules > Sales > Order. In the Order Options, select the Book Sales Orders.

Second, you need to understand how and when bookings work.

  • The BookDtl and BookOrd table are updated whenever the Ready To Process flag is set.
  • The calculation is fairly simple: New unshipped qty * New Price - old unshipped qty * old price. So if you change the price or quantity, void the line, or order, add a line, delete a line - it does this calculation.

However, it’s not clever about it. If you have a line that shipped but change the price or quantity on another line then the new unshipped quantity is zero and it will unceremoniously remove the booking for a line that shipped. :frowning:

The bookdate is based on the System date, so when you get that order on the last day of the month/quarter/year, it doesn’t count unless you enter it in that period.

There is no way to alter these records via UBAQ or other generally accepted ways. Our workaround was to add records to a UD table and then UNION that with the query of the BookDtl table to make ‘adjustments.’

I have submitted enhancement requests for these situations. It would be great to be able to allow the user to add adjustment records to fix these scenarios and to not alter bookings for closed lines.

Other than that, it works great!

Mark W.

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Hi Mark, any changes since you posted this?

I’m modeling this myself. Unfortunately we did not have booking turned on when we went live

Pitfalls so far:

  1. Since I am implementing this mid-stream, anything not on the booking table is showing as a fresh booking when users change quantities or prices. To remedy this I’m going use DMT to add a penny then subtract a penny from prices on all open order lines. This will at least get the items on the booking table.

  2. Closing a line with no shipments against it will void the line and properly record the de-booking. Closing a line ‘short’ i.e. with partial quantities shipped does not de-book the remaining qty. Same for opening a closed line, it does not book the quantity. I wonder if I should force the user to change qty to zero prior to manually closing a line. Have you run into that issue?

Hey Mark,

Yes, we decided never to delete or void a line but to change the value to zero.

If you ever override and Customer Price List, be sure to lock the line. We found that other changes to the order, address change or shipping method, would revert to the Customer Price list value and make booking adjustments.

The last one is mostly for the type of business we did. We kept a project financial backlog: bookings - revenue recognized. The issue that pertained to us is that if there was a credit memo on a project then we needed to reduce the booking to keep that financial backlog in balance.

And it’s also worth mentioning, the booking entry doesn’t occur until the Ready To Process flag is set.

Closing a line has too much business logic firing afterward. What I am going to do is prevent deletion of a line that has Selling Qty over zero. They will have to close it instead.
Then I’m going to put a DMT script on a schedule to zero out quantities on closed lines. If they had partial shipments, reduce quantity to what had shipped so far. Delete releases which had no shipments against them. I ran a test, yes bookings update when changing quantities on a closed line.

This method should ensure if a person re-activates a line they’ll have to add quantity which will reflect in bookings.