Dash with CRLF


I would like to know if it’s possible to include CRLF in a text field of a dashboard and of course, having the cell expand to the proper high of the text inside?


I haven’t been able to include CRLF in a dashboard field but you can setup the cell to expand with a couple lines of code.

In a customization for the dashboard, you’ll need to use the Form Event Wizard to add a “Load” event and insert the code below:

Add this as a global variable:
EpiUltraGrid ugdGrid = new EpiUltraGrid( );

private void MainController_Load(object sender, EventArgs args)
	// Add Event Handler Code
	ugdGrid = ( EpiUltraGrid )csm.GetNativeControlReference( "6a30205b-c6cc-431a-a2b3-9c39efc363dc" );
    	ugdGrid.DisplayLayout.Override.RowSizing = Infragistics.Win.UltraWinGrid.RowSizing.AutoFree;
 		ugdGrid.DisplayLayout.Override.CellMultiLine = Infragistics.Win.DefaultableBoolean.True;

You’ll have to use your own grid’s GUID as it’ll be different from mine.

You can try below in BAQ, but Still you have to write custom code to expand cell size.


I have used CRLF inside a dashboard. I had to use something like the code below. In my case I had some CRs and LFs out of place in my comment field. So when I load the comments up into the text box, I corrected the issue with something like this replacement:

myCom = prtComment.Text.Replace("\x0A",Environment.NewLine);

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