Dashboard, BAQ, and Menu Order of Operations

Hi All,
I am trying to figure out a consistent way to update my Dashboards, BAQs and Menu items. There are a lot of things to update when making changes in your dashboards. I want to make sure that I always do them in the same order every time.

I have had trouble in the past when I change a dashboard, BAQ, or customization setting. Then when I click my menu item to reload my customized dashboard, something goes wrong. Not knowing why or where, I just start at the beginning and redeploy both smart client app and UI app. Then I usually have to go and unset the menu customization and save then reset it back to my customization. I haven’t found the best way that works every time. What do you all do?

There are several situations that I am curious about. In all cases assume we have a BAQ that contains a custom action, a dashboard that contains a grid view of this BAQ, a customization of that dashboard (along with a personalization), and finally we have a menu item that points to this dashboard (and customization).

What is the correct procedure for making the types of updates listed below?

  1. Change the underlying BAQ: add/remove fields, change field names, change field types, or change code in BAQ custom action.

  2. Change dashboard to alter the fields displayed, field labels, and updatability.

  3. Change dashboard customization: change form or control properties, add/remove custom code.

For each of these I would like to know the appropriate steps to take. Do I modify the BAQ then redeploy the DB? Should I deploy ‘Smart Client Application’, or ‘UI Application’? Did I miss anything?

Thanks for your time!

One thing I’ve found, is that changes to menus don’t take affect until you exit the client and relaunch it. Changing Users seems to work too.

Putting the customization ID in the title bar of forms, or updating a rev indicator in a dashboard’s panel title, will help identify if you’re looking at your recent changes, or if you’re still looking at the old version.

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