Dashboard not showing data

When we upgraded to Kinetic this weekend, we have a dashboard that does not show the data it’s bring back. I went into the Dashboard Developer and can see the data there, but when I try to deploy it and test it, no data shows. The cursor spins so I know it is running the query but it doesn’t show the results.

Any thoughts? I could swear I have seen the answer to this before but couldn’t find it. Guess I’m tired.


If you run it in the browser and open Dev Tools, are you seeing the BAQ call on the network tab?
If you let it sit for awhile, does it eventually work?

We are still using classic screens but I do see the spinning pointer. I let it sit but nothing shows up

Is it a large dataset? Does it work in the BAQ editor?

It is a large dataset but it works in the BAQ Editor. What we found we had to do was delete the tracker on the dashboard and recreate it. Now it’s working fine. Go Figure :woman_shrugging:

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