Dashboard subsribed to menu UI

So I used the UD100 table to make a updateable BAQ, then made an updateable Dashboard with a tracker for Character 01 and 02. I deploy to a new sheet on method tracker,and everything is working great. Except i want the tracker to update with the part info when i load in a part in the method tracker. When i deploy to a sheet and subscribe my dashboard to the partnum and revnum from method tracker, My partnum and revnum are stored in Character01 and 02 fields. so they wont see each other to populate the field. i looked it up and cannot rename the Character01 field to anything else, so what else can i try? Any help would be great.

Thank you.

Pub / Sub between UI and Tracker fields in an embedded dashboard is linked via matching “Like” values. You can specify the Like value for a Column in the BAQ via the Field Attribute Editor found on the Display Fields Tab in the BAQ Designer - it is invoked via the icon second from the bottom between the Available and Selected fields lists.

Bring up the Field Attribute Editor, Select the Character01 column, Click the icon to Add an Attribute, select “like” and in the Value specify: Part.PartNum. Repeat for Character02 but use the Like for the Revision - Likely PartRev.RevisionNum. Save out of the BAQ.

Since you did not have those set when you created the DBD and Customization, it is likely that you will need to at least regenerate the DBD and then redo the part of the Customization where you embed the DBD and create the Pub / Sub. At worst you would need to start over all the way from creating the DBD.


This worked Perfectly. Thank you very much.

The Rev number autofills when i add a new row, but the part number does not. I wrote a BPM to fill the Partnum, then the Rev number doesnt fill. Any idea what i need to do to get PartNum and Rev to autofill?