Dashboard Tracker - 'Or' statement

Is there a way to make a field an ‘Or’ statement instead of an ‘And’ in a Dashboard Tracker? For example, I have Due Date <= and then Discount Date <= in the dashboard tracker where it will bring back all data for the Due Date and Discount Date. I would like it to be something like the following in a BAQ criteria but applied in a Dashboard Tracker.

And (APInvHed.DueDate <= 11/24/2016 Or APInvHed.DiscountDate <= 11/30/2016 )

As far as I know you’ll have little control over how tracker criteria are applied.

I’ve been able to work around some limitations by adding calculated field(s) to my BAQ’s to be used as tracker filters but… I don’t think that would work in this case.
If your users just want a list, filters in a Crystal report formatted for Excel?

It is not pretty but you might be able to use a parameter in the BAQ if I recall correctly it’ll prompt you in the dashboard via a pop up (though don’t quote me on that)

I set it up in the BAQ as you described as a ‘specified parameter’ to prompt the parameters in the Dashboard which works as an acceptable workaround. Thanks.