Dashboard View Rules - Colors don't show until you scroll the list

I have a dashboard that I use View Rules to highlight a field when the checkbox is checked. When the dashboard first loads or when the auto refresh applies, the fields with checked check boxes do not all fill in with a color. I am using the OK status to color them green, but it does not highlight all of the checked boxes. See screenshot below. All checked check boxes should be green.

This is after using the scroll bar on the right to move the list up and down:

I’ve experienced this too, even in the System Monitor (Error: Lines mis-highlighted yellow till you scroll). All I can offer is commiseration unfortunately.

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If you make a row selected, say this one:

Does that row then “update” the row rules?

I had the same thing with vew rules with me. I deployed the dashboard again. Then waited a day, when I logged in the next day it was working fine. Go figure.

Vinay Kamboj

When it comes to colors on a Dashboard, sometimes I dont see mine until I clear my cache


But I did find in E9.702A days when I used more than lets say 20 rules it was a hit/miss so on a very Custom Quote Entry Form I had to write my own Error Class because the Epicor Hilighting broke after a certain amount (lets say 12+) Not sure if its fixed in 10.2.x I havent had the need for that many since.

Thank you all for your repsonses! Seeing as I have about 30 rules in place, I’m likely having issues with that. I don’t really want to customize it, so I may submit a ticket to Epicor and see if they have any solution or at least a known issue. Thanks again and I’ll try to update once I have an update from Epicor.


I ended up figuring out how to make this work. I changed the Dashboard from an Assembly to a Runtime. This resolved the entire dashboard for me. Hope this helps someone else.