Data Collection Question

I have a Data Collection question. We are currently running version 6.10.521 of Vantage. In the shop floor mode of DC, is there anyway to completely close off the job tracker portion of it? Meaning, is there anyway to lock it down, where employees can not look in and see how much time remains or has been used on a particular operation? At one point this was good for us, but now it has become more of a detriment, due to too many employees spending too much time looking at job operation times.

Our employees clock into a job and get to see operation times elapsed by clicking on the 'magnifying glass' to the right of the operation sequence in the START JOB screen. We would like to close them off from this completely. Could someone please help me? Thank you.

Best Regards,

Jim Selinger
Kocsis Bros. Machine Co.

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