Data Directive Workflow OR Condition

I currently have a working data directive setup to trigger auto printing job receipt labels but only when the transaction is completed by a handheld user (“HH” prefix on the username). I am looking to add this to select MES stations as well but I am struggling to get the OR statement to work as intended. The attached screenshot shows my latest attempt to add an OR statement to the EntryPerson condition but adding this does not trigger a label for either user. I have also tried to move the EntryPerson lines with an OR operator into a separate condition block but got the same results, no labels for anyone. I thought maybe this could be done in the expression portion at the end of the line but I am don’t really know C# to be able to get the code right.

I’m sure I could duplicate the working directive and change the single EntryPerson line but I would rather not have multiple directives to maintain in the event something changes.

Any one have any advice on how to get this to trigger for multiple EntryPerson values?

You might try a different approach. Make a security group (System Setup / Security Maintenance / Security Group Maintenance) for “Handheld users” and add all the appropriate users to it (System Setup / Security Maintenance / User Account Security Maintenance). Then use the condition “The user who called the method belongs to the specified group” in your data directive to collapse your two comparisons into one.


I have used that before chris and that is a nice way of doing that.

That worked out perfect. Thank you!

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