Data Discovery creating a pie chart for aged payables/receivables

The client asked me to create a pie chart using Data discovery for both aged payables and aged receivables reports.

I tried using the BAQs in the data discovery option that is already provided by the system:

  • zHomepage_APAgedPayables
  • zHomepage_ARAgedReceivables

But the totals are not matching… they are having a variance that I’m not able to fix, I attached some pictures for reference. (the “current” total in the report is not the same as the current total in the BAQ for aged payables created by the system so as the 1-30 and the 1-60 etc…)

Anyone can help me with fixing this variance? I tried following the logic behind the aged payables report but it’s a system base report and it has no BAQ nor tables that can be fetched and this is my issue…

Has anyone ever created a pie chart for aged payables/receivables before? I would kindly need help:) Thank you!

Hello @SaraSherief10 did you ever get this figured out?