Data refresh overwrites user's access settings

Every time when we do data refresh for our TEST environment, all the user security accesses in TEST are overwritten with the settings in Prod. Is there any way to keep the user accesses not overwritten?
Thank you for your time and help.

Since you’re copying over the data from prod, where they do not have access, to test, test is just now a copy of prod in all its facets.
You could have a secondary routine in your refresh protocols to grant access to those users after the restore of the database.

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How different are the permissions in Prod and Test? Just a few menus here and there?
Process security? Field Security?

And why would a user need access to something in TEST that they don’t have access to in Production?

Use Sec Groups and it makes the changes in Test much easier.

We have let some users have a fuller access to TEST in order to try new procedures and to follow transactions along that they couldn’t do in Prod.

@b.huang You could export the UserFile columns (username, name, and the GrpLst) and then after the copy, just DMT those security settings back.


Thank you all for your answers. We give some users more accesses in Test so that they can try some functions they don’t have in Prod.

Thank you, Mark. I will try your solution.

I have a stored procedure sql DB that I use with synonyms and stored procedures for the external ssrs reports. I have tables in there that are copies of the test environment from before the refresh and I just clear the test environment table and copy the date into the table. I can provide you an example of the script I use before and after on a table if you need.

Matt, Thank you for your info. I am interesting in your procedure. It would be appreciated if you can send me the scripts.