Data Rules in Kinetic

I am in the process of creating a layer for New PO Suggestions that will highlight rows based on three different criteria. I have completed the Working With Row Rules Hands-On course and I am not having success. Perhaps I am missing something simple.

In application studio I see this:

Then, when I Edit this item (it looks like it might be a landing page, running the module starts with a search slide out):

So when I create the Data Rule:

It does not highlight the rows:

If I change the Action Data View and Data View to SugPoDtl, then I do get highlights, but they are not for the whole row and they highlight every entry and do not follow the condition criteria.

I thought maybe the Search Slide Out was preventing the rule from working, but then I would expect it to not work at all, but while it works incorrectly with SugPODtl as the data views, it does highlight some field for every entry.

It feels like I am following the same steps in the course and this is what my layer looks like in our education database (for the Order Entry landing page example):

I believe I am using the correct field (VendorID). Is the New Po Suggestion page not a Landing Page (data view)? Should I be using something else for the Action Data View and Data View (because Landing Page is not working)?

Well, to answer one of your questions, you need to use the SugPoDtl in your rule since that’s what the grid is bound to. If you look at other grids, they may have the LandingPage binding. Whatever the Grid Model is set to is what you’ll want to use.

Trying to figure out the other bit still.

Thanks Aaron,
I have applied another rule, and it seems to be working except it is not highlighting the whole row (only certain columns). The original rule is still not working for the condition criteria.

It is also strange how some columns get highlighted while others do not get highlight (even though they have the same condition met):

Yeah–it’s a bit odd. I have replicated the behavior on the same screen, though different fields get highlighted.
Other screens bound to LandingPage work well, though.

Yeah, something is definitely janky here.
I can click into the row and THEN it highlights everything, but goes back to spotty when I click out of it.
I’d open a ticket for this.

Thanks Aaron,
I will open a ticket.