Data View Displays No Data (Application Studio)

I’m trying to display the Customer address on the RMA Processing screen in Kinetic using application studio.

I added Customer as a data view so I could display Customer.AddrList as a text area

After failing to get Customer.AddrList to display in a text area, I tried to get the data showing in a grid. By following this documentation, I typed the name of my dataview in the Data > Grid Model > Ep Binding field.

And… still no data.

I found that if I type the name of any other existing dataview in the Data > Grid Model > Ep Binding field. The grid populates with that views data.

I’m assuming there’s a step I’m missing when it comes to setting up my customer data view. Anyone know what I am missing?


Did you create the event to populate the data view?

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I don’t know if you have the embedded education but I think this video shows what you are trying to do. I followed this one and it worked but it seems like a lot of work. I found it easier to use a BAQ and put the one field I needed from the customer record into transview instead.


I have to say that the Epicor Learning Center videos on Application Studio feel superior to the classes I took at Insights. If you have access to the Epicor Learning Center, I recommend using it.

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This is the key. I generally create the event on After GetByID. Add a rest call to the after event to call the CustomerSvc and return the results to your view.


I didn’t create an event to populate the data, not quite sure how to do that. We are currently resolving an account hold with Epicor but I’m looking forward checking out the videos as soon as I can.

Thanks for the help

I’m pretty sure I’ve done a writeup on here somewhere about it. Search around if the Epicor help doesn’t get you where you need.

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Crazy how much content they have and how much it has improved.

I’m still salty they pull older versions of help/education courses though… Not everyone is staying up to date and they may or may not have built onboarding plans around the old material that no longer is there…