Database Login message for reports

If your reports are customized, are they using either a UNC address for
the reports with a different server name, or using a drive letter, or do
not exist on the server. It may be looking for the report on a
different server.

Also if you are using a different server, did you change the server name
in the UNC paths in system agent as well as the port numbers.

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I have a Year End database with three app servers. I recently copied live into it, changed the port numbers in the system agent etc and started the database and app servers. However, when I log in and try to run any customised reports, (Crystal via XML), I receive and database login message. The message has the following:

Server Name: ReportDataSet (greyed out)
Database: (greyed out)
Login ID:
Tick box: Use Integrated Security

Finish and Cancel buttons.

In all the restores I have done, I have never come across the above message. I have tried to enter my username, pw etc all to no avail.

Also, when printing a report, the report is dropped into the Scheduled Tasks, not the active Tasks as per usual.

Is there some setting in one of the app servers that need amending?



Vantage 8.03.406