Database Purge And Summarize

Database Purge And Summarize: ( Vantage V4.0.902 )

In case anyone is considering running this function I thought I'd post the
runtime numbers from my run last night.

Record counts to be purged were:

72,176 - Part transactions
226 - Job Machine Allocations
178,427 - Labor Details

Dual P600 Server w/256 meg of RAM
100 mips switched network
P600 Client w/128 meg of RAM

Average CPU on Client - 15 %
Average CPU on Server - 15 %

Network traffic - Huge number of packets being transmitted and received.
This absolutely killed performance on this server. Overall network
utilization wasn't bad for end users trying to reach other servers but the
Vantage server was buried.

Runtime - 6 hrs 29 min

Todd Anderson
J. Rubin & Co.