DataLink Integrations - Azure AD authentication - Unauthorized error

Epicor server is connected using Azure AD authentication.

In the ECM - Data link Integrations section, I have to establish the connection to Epicor server.

I have given the Root URL, User Id and password.
User Id - Azure Ad User id
Password - Azure AD password.

But I have got the unauthorized error message.

I need to know whether any other settings needs to be done on the ECM to use the Azure AD authentication?

I don’t know the answer to this, but I was just reading this section of the installation guide which notes:

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You must have the newer integration files than us. We still need a second appserver set up for username authentication.

But, I would say that you need to test the URL + username/password directly to determine if that user can authenticate. I might also change the user to the ‘manager’ user just for testing purposes to make sure the URL works as expected.

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