Date Field could not be shown on BarTender Report


I created a BarTender report recently that is printed by listening to files with a “.bt” extension dropped in a distinct directory.

one of the fields in that file is a date field that I incorporated into the report but doesn’t show when the report is printed.

Below is a photo of the printed report:

Below is a file sample where the field name is “UD101A_Date02”:
STBSample-23127.txt (562 Bytes)

is there something I need to do in the BarTender report to show this field?

thank you in advance.

The file looks fine, but it may have something to do with your .BTW file and how it is interpreting the data. Are you able to post the .BTW file here?

I actually fixed it, at the moment of writing the data to the file I removed the time portion of the DateTime string and left only the date portion, the only portion it will take for a date type in the .BTW file.