"Days Out" when creating a subcontract operation. Should we include "weekend" days in that number?

We have a subcontract operation that we know will take well more than a week to complete. Question is, when we set it up, on the “Days Out” field, should we include weekend days in the total or just base it on what we use on our production calendar? Thanks in advance!

“Days Out” will use the Calendar assigned to that particular supplier… if you have no calendar assigned to the supplier it will use the Production Calendar assigned to the Resource of the operation… if there isn’t one there it will PROBABLY use a 7-day week (since there isn’t any calendar). This should be tested to be sure.

Thanks so much Ernie!

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Mr. Lowell,

Should the Resource Group for SubContract be set to Finite where it is calculating based on Days out? or does it not matter?

The “finite” checkbox on Resource Groups is for specifying capacity… and since you have no idea what your supplier’s capacity is, don’t set that flag (meaning leave it unchecked). All the :“Days Out” setting does is tell Epicor how long the parts will be gone for so that the next operation can get scheduled at the correct time.

Thank you! That is how i have it set. One more question if you don’t mind, what is the recommended or best practice on setting your finite period? We have customer orders loaded for the entire year and need to commit delivery dates that far out on the horizon therefore I have the finite period set to 365.

There is no “best practice” as different businesses have different needs here. The three main variables in play are: (1) how far out are you (at least relatively) CERTAIN your schedule is firm; and (2) how long does MRP (or Scheduling) take to run; and (3) are you getting the results you need to run your business? If you are pretty certain that your schedule is firm for a year, and you can run MRP (or Scheduling) in whatever time window you have for it, AND the processes are giving you data that’s usable, then you’re probably set.

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