DB/BAQ Updateable - Paste Update/Insert

I have using update-able DB/BAQ for some time and have been enhancing what I can do with them. I am stuck with a new one and backtracking does not help.

I want to be able to paste insert/update in the DB. I have done this several times in the past but I cannot seem to find the right combo of things to click on in the BAQ and DB to enable this OR I have violated same other rule I don’t know of.

I have back tracked as far as I could to a fairly simple DB/BAQ with only 2 tables and 6 fields and only looking for 1 field as updateable.

I can update/save within the DB no problem but my Paste Insert/Update fields are always greyed out so I cannot due mass edit/update. To keep it simple I have limited the number of lines I was trying to update to 1, 2 or 3.

I have not found any documentation that really helps me understand and in the past have always stumbled into a way to make it work.

Hi John,
Did you ever get anywhere with this?

@jdjones I think you do not get paste/insert update or copy to excel if the dashboard is a runtime and not an assembly type on the menu. There are also some grid changes if you have group by on.


To be honest I don’t remember what this was or what I was trying to do.

I do have several DB that I can paste insert/update so I don’t remember if I was trying to create a new one that I have abandoned or this was one that I have since created and figured out somehow


I did deploy it as an assembly. It seems like Paste Insert/Update is finicky. I created another dashboard using the same tables but no CTE’s, subqueries or calculated fields and it works just fine.

That makes sense that the more complexity would make an update possibly unpredictable, so it just won’t allow it. You might be able to use GetList post processing to fill in the data and get around the complexity issue.

Hmm…I haven’t used the GetList post processing before. I’ll look into it.

FWIW I’ve noticed if there is nothing in the clipboard that can be pasted, the options are greyed out