DB Replication Server Missing

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been tasked with installing Epicor 9 on a server inside 2 VMs where E9 will be installed on one VM and SQL server on the other VM.

The process was tiresome because the documentation is not as good as E10 documentation.

I only have one problem, the DB Replication Server is missing.

I wonder if anyone has had this issue before.

Any help is appreciated, since the installation is halted due to this problem.

@aamerabuarja Replication in 9 was not SQL server replication it was from Progress or Sonic and required a separate license. We bought it and never got it working reliably so it never went into production.

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How do you set up the database in E9? I thought this was done through the DB Replication Server.

I have not installed e9 in 10 years, but looking at the install guide on page 26 it looks like the db is created/restored ?? when the install is done.

Thank you for this information.

I would like know something - if you don’t mind -, if I wanted to install E9 on a VM and SQL server on another VM, suppose the app server’s name is APPSVR and the SQL server’s name is DBSVR, and the place I want the DBs in is D:\DataBases, what are the locations I need to put in database & log file locations respectively?

@aamerabuarja Sorry, it has been too long ago for me to remember much from the install process

Thank you for your input, it was helpful.