DB table or log of user's activity

Back in E9 there were plain text log files that when in verbose mode allowed one to see pretty much everything a user did and when as well as errors(could be opened in PDT to parse the log making them easier to analyze). I’d love to have some objective data /logs to look at for general troubleshooting.

Where do these logs live in E10?

Maybe you are in need of using Tracing by any chance?
This is where you can activate it on your account (admins can activate it for other users through user account security maintenance):

The log file then can be examined when you stop tracing.
You can use this also to see what BOs get used when a menu is getting loaded and in general tracing application itself as well.

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@Shizar115 thanks so much, I did enable server side logging but didn’t realize we could do this for a specific user! I will get this setup for her, thanks again for your help and suggestions as they are very much appreciated!

You are very welcome
Feel free to mark the answer as solution or let ,e know what your findings are :slight_smile: