DB verifications?

Progress has a DB Repair Utility @ \Epicor\Progress\Bin called DBRPR.
Epicor has a document on their web-site regarding its use. With it you can
test your DB for corruption.
Well, I'm very relieved. I thought I had database corruption or something
going on when I found an AP check (in CheckHed) to a non-existent
vendor. Obviously, you can't delete a vendor after anything is created
referencing it, so I'm thinking the worst and fearing corrupt indexes or
database. Then I find out you can write a check to a non-vendor just by
punching in the name [RTF Online Help] :)

OK, so nothing bad is going on. But now I'm curious. If indexes DID
become corrupt, can or will Progress spot this, and log any warnings
? Are there any verification utilities we should run periodically just to
check? Pre-Vantage, we had a not-so-robust database that could get hosed
up, and benefited from periodic sanity checks. Just wondering if there's
any such need here.

Wayne Cox