DBA Customer

Scenario…we received an RFQ from a new customer. They place an order and the PO is issued under a different company name. The company name we quoted is a DBA of the company name that issued the PO. What is the correct way to depict this in their customer setup?

There is no “correct” way. I think it is more your preference and how you will be interacting with the company. My personal opinion is to put the DBA on the first address line.

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On Customer Maintenance there is a tab called Alternate i think that has a field for a DBA name, no logic behind it but can certainly be used to search and print on documents.


Without going down a rabbit hole and complicating this, you have a few options.

Configure the customer billing to use a different name
Add a line to address line for the DBA
Customer Name
dba/ Other Name
Setup a national account and use two customers.
Setup an alternate billto

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