DC Gateway problems in 4.0

I'm not sure, but check the version of the mfc42.dll in your
system directory. I think it needs to be the version included in the
explorer 5.0. I was getting that error along with some others when I
was setting
up clients for v4. I had to boot to dos, copy the newer version of
(I think its 11/99 or something), run unregocx from the server/vantage
(ie: unregocx v (no colon) then unregocx c), and then delete all files
in the
vntgwork directory. That took care of the CONTROL-FRAME problem. I
have not seen
the vb/tmpfile.p error. It looks like a path problem.
May the force be with you.

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Subject: [Vantage] DC Gateway problems in 4.0

Any list denizens out there this fine Saturday morning who could
tell me why I'm getting the following errors in my 4.0 gateway?

Unable to set attribute NAME in widget of type CONTROL-FRAME
vb/tmpfile.p was not found (293)

I have uninstalled/reinstalled the Progress shared network
installation and I have been unable to find the second message on ERAnet

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