Default Finite capacity scheduling when using multi resource scheduling board

We are using classic screens in 2022.2. We predominantly use Multi Resource scheduling boards to plan jobs on our machines. Jobs have other constrained resources attached. When we plan, we want to schedule finitely so these other constrained resources are also planned. To do this, every time the rescheduled job screen comes up, we have to tick Finite capacity. How can I default this? I’ve tried using a BPM, but I can’t see where to do it.
Many Thanks

Have you run a client trace to see which method is called? You could do a BPM to set the value there, but I suspect you might want to do a UI customization layer on that little window that sets the checkbox value in the OnLoad event. (I think that’ll work, but I’ve never tried to customize that window).

If you can get it to work, let me know - I think my folks would like to have it default as well.

** Little research - I think you could do a UI customization on App.JobEntry.ScheduleForm to set the checkbox.
a BPM on the method Erp.Proxy.BO.ScheduleEngineImpl.MoveJobItem

Thanks Mike.
The customization worked. I found this, which helped.
I did struggle to add the customisation to the menu but realised you needed a customisation with the same name for the form in the menu (Multi Resource scheduling board)

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Glad it all worked out!
Good find on that video!