Default Personalization

Here are the steps we got from Epicor Support (modified a bit for our
environment) for 8.03.4xx:

In order to save a "personalization" into a "customization" for global

1. Verify a customization already exists for the screen. If not,
create one -- if there is, import the latest one out of VSS.

2. Go into developer mode

3. Double click applicable screen

4. Delete any personalizations under your login if they exist

5. Select the customization, OK to open

6. Make layout changes (e.g. grid, tab order, etc.)

7. Tools | Save layouts

8. Tools | Customization

9. File | Save Customization

10. File | Export Customization to local folder

11. Turn off developer mode

12. System Management | Utilities | Customization Maintenance

13. Pull up existing customization, delete

14. Import new customization from local folder

15. Verify Customization

16. Log out of pilot and back in -- verify customization held

17. Check form into VSS

18. When deploying live be sure to purge all personalizations on the

19. If user's still can't see global personalization, have them log
out of Vantage, verify no personalizations were put back on the form,
clear their cache and log back in


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I have heard you can change what the default personalization is. From what I am told you use customization to do a personalization, then save it as customization. What I am wanting to do is change the order of the fields for the Line List in Sales Order Entry. I know you can do this as normal personalization, however we do not want the end user to be able to change the field order around. I know I can keep them from doing personalizations but we want to allow them to still personalize other screens just not this particular one. If anyone has experience doing what I am attempting I would appreciate it. Thanks.