Default Terms Code for Customer

When we create a new customer, the billing terms (Customer.TermsCode) defaults to Net 30. In Terms Maintenance, none of the rows are set as System Default. Is there some other setting that determines what terms code a new customer gets assigned? I have looked through our BPMs on Customer, and don’t see anything that changes TermsCode. Where else should I look?

(Background: I need to create a new BPM that sets the TermsCode dependent upon Territory/Country, but I first just want to understand how it is picking Net 30 now.)

I found that even though none of our terms codes showed as the system defualt, in the table one was actually set as the system default. I had to check/uncheck/recheck in terms code maintenance and now the default works as expected. I can’t explain it but seems like we may have experienced a similar glitch.

Thanks for the confirmation. It does seem odd, but I will move on.

I even reported it to support at the time and they were like :woman_shrugging:

This part: → I ← . … even reported it to support