Defer BPM directive while user has record open?

Hi there,

I have in mind to update status of a quote detail line from an external event, but this is likely to happen while a user has the quote open.

Is there check to see that, maybe, QuoteHed is opened by a user?



You would have to create a field that shows it is active like in the Accounting screens.
Or, you can force the update to occur anyway and the screen will notify the user that another user has modified the record.
Last idea would be to store the data in a UD table and pull it in much later in the process.

Thanks, Jason. Just exploring options. I’m currently checking the status of a process in an external database related to the quote line. It’s not too bad one line at a time in quote entry, but in a big query gets really slow.

I though if I could keep it updated on the detail line when the status changes it would speed things up all around. But there’s that “other user updating the row” thing and refreshes that would be irritating because the external process is doing most of the work during quote entry.

We’ll see.