Delete Dashboard

Hopefully this is an easy one. I spent an hour running up and down Epicor to remove a test Dashboard I created. Any quick steps in deleting one?



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This is pretty straight forward. What did you spend an hour doing?

Go to Dashboard > Load your Dashboard ID > File > Delete Dashboard Definition.

If your dashboard is based on a BAQ, and you want to get rid of that as well: Open Business Activity Query > Load your query ID > File > Delete.

If you have already added the dashboard to a menu, you will want to remove it from the menus as well. Menu Maintenance > Navigate to your menu item > File > Delete.

Good Luck!

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Thanks Nate, Iā€™m on my second day of training with Epicor. Still working on the ropes.

Heh Good luck! This is a great community. Read up and reach out when ever you need help!