Delete not allowed. Referenced by at least one System Default


Anyone knows how to delete Marketing Campeign Event if it has been marked as default. It has no more reference and has been never used.
This was created as a test and now it does not allow to delete

Do you have another Marketing Campaign Event that you can use as a default? If yes, go to Company Configuration (or have your administrator do it) and change the field to the new one and then you will be able to delete the old one.

Yes there is another compaign which is like epicor default and it is set under company configuration, but it still does not allow to delete “test” compaign because it is referenced to event and event “testEv” can not be deleted because it has ref to sys default. Maybe i am missing something, I will try again tomorrow

When you change the default in the COMPANY, you may need to log out and log back into the system again in order for memory to flush so that you can then delete “testEv” from the system.