Deleting puts on job entry

I needed to add two fields to Job Entry. So I added them. Saved the form and walked away.

I had to edit it because it wasn’t right. Decided I wanted to change the input type and so I was going to delete what I created.

When I do I get this error every time:
“Cannot delete native controls. You can only delete custom controls.”

It’s not a native control though, it’s a field I added only a few hours ago.

Another post says (Delete Control from Dashboard)
to start over but this form has a ton of customization. Starting over would be a nightmare. There has to be a way to delete these fields and fix it. I gotta be doing something wrong.

If you are on UX version.
Open your Customization through Customization maintenance and you can see your added controls and custom code, once done compile and verify the customization.