Deletion of system record

Hello everyone,

Because so many employees have access to the Generate PO Suggestions and creating them manually, I want to allow this menu to only a few employees.
But, That menu have the menu security. So I tried deleting that security. However, the deletion failed as the following pop-up appeared.
What should I do? Or is there another way to allow Generate PO Suggestions to only be set for the few users I want to set up? I can’t control Groups/Users within this security. This security is system checked.
Thanks in advance!

Copy the menu item.
Create a new security group called Generate PO Users

Add the group to the selected groups/users list.

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One of the “features” of cloud Kinetic is you need to click the Actions menu, then Copy to Current Company before you can edit the security for menu items. If you do this, you should then be able to uncheck the Allow Access to All Groups/Users and set it for just the ones who should have access.

It’s a feature of Epicor 10.2 in the cloud as well.

Thank you both for the good tips. But, both “Copy to Current Company” and “Copy to Menu” methods create a new menu. The existing menu remains the same.
If that happens, many users will be able to work in the existing menu, so it doesn’t meet my intention.

thats actualy a UI side affect. What happens in the DB is the rows are identical accept for the CompanyVisibility field and likely the Company column as well. if you close and reopen the menu designer the original will not longer be there. If you close the application and reopen it you’ll only ever see your new menu.

What is happening is that the classic client does a dataset merge. So it sent the new row to the server - it got saved and when it came back they merged it into the existing dataset that already had the ‘system’ version of that menu. If that client dataset is reset, you’ll no longer ever see the ‘system’ version because it is automatically weeded out by the stored procedures used to load the data.

Thanks for the help.
I closed the application and reopened it, only to see a new menu.