I have a part showing a demand of .99 but no orders or jobs, nothing attached to it or due to ship. We have had the system since 2015 and looks like a carryover from back then. Any ideas how to fix this?

In Epicor 10 there is a built in fix that might correct this but first run a BAQ against a few tables to confirm: Check PartDetail for any demand records and then compare PartWhse & PartPlant [Demand]Qty fields for any demand qty’s sometimes they seem to fall out of sync.
To fix you should be able to run ‘Refresh Part Qty’s & Alloc’ located under System Management > Upgrade/Mass Regeneration.
You would want to run this when nothing much is going on in Epicor as it’s recalcing and if there are a lot of transactions going on, it might adversely affect the recalc.
Also, you can first run it in report only mode and it will drop a log file for you to review and then you can run it in report & update mode.
Reply back if it helps or not.


I just pulled the reports and going through it. Just learned my predecessor “did something after everyone was off of epicor and reset something.” Now I think I know what he did! Thanks!

BTW - I run this process for my client at least weekly.
I have heard from at least one other client that also runs it weekly.
Unfortunately there is not an Epicor approved way to run this process on a schedule.

Ok, thanks for the heads up. I actually found the error in the report. So, that made it easier to fix. But the info you provided is gold to me. Thanks!