Demo System Vanished

Guy’s if somebody could help.

I have come to launch our demo system, (Not used it for months) and it will not run.
So i checked the SQL server and the database is still there.
So on the client i checked where the MFGSYS was looking for the system and found it was on our test server.
So I checked our test app server and it is not there.
Test App Server

I checked our live appserver just incase and it is not there either

How do i go about re attaching this to our app server ?


Right Click on Server name and click on Register Existing Server, if it’s available it will show in the list and allow you to connect again.


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It usually vanishes when you don’t keep it, usually after Admin Console Snap-ins you get prompted. Re-Register it as @fakhruddin mentioned. It may even be still in the XML but invisible due to snap-in difference.

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Thanks fakhruddin

Managed to add it back in.

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