Deploy Dashboard for Kinetic with BAQ Parameter


In the classic dashboard application when there is a BAQ parameter an alert pops-up on the dashboard when it is refreshed to prompt for the parameter value.
In the Kinetic preview, a slide out appears titled BAQ parameter, but with no option to enter any values ? How can we enter the BAQ parameter in Kinetic ?

Thanks in Advance.

To confirm you built a classic dashboard then deployed it as a kinetic one?


Is your field in the parameter an integer type?

If so, this is a known issue reported in PRB0246228 and will be fixed in 2022.1.4. Below is the description and workaround for PRB0246228
If you have a parameter set as datatype int within a BAQ and then use that BAQ on a dashboard and deploy
that dashboard as Kinetic, the kinetic version does not list that parameter to edit it, it prompts for
parameters in general but the specific INT parameter will not be listed, unless you change the datatype
to be nvarchar. This does not happen in the assembly version

You can try this as a workaround.
Create a nvarchar parameter.
Create a nvarchar calculated field to convert the integer field to character: convert(varchar, youTable.yourField)
Then create a ‘SubQuery Criteria’ to use the parameter instead of a’Table Criteria’.
Table: Calculated
Field: Your calculated field

Yes Parameter is integer, I will give that a go, many thanks !