Detecting App Environment in Print Break/Routing to disable in Test Environment

I have some Print Styles setup that use the Break/Routing to send an email.

Is there a way to detect the App Environment (Production DB vs Test DB) in the Break Routing Rule Designer, so I can disable the email when people are using the Test Environment?

There is a ‘Condition’ block I can insert, but none of the conditions look like you can detect the Environment.


The CurrentCompanyName (which I always change to “!!! TEST COMPANY !!!”) is a System Constant I can compare a report data field against. But the report data will always have the current name, so that’s useless. I need to test the CurrentCompanyName against a constant.

Ideally, I’d change the ToL, CC:, and BCC: to just send to me (when the Test environment is detected), but the Breaking and Routing Designer doesn’t have variables like BPM designer does.

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