Determining the language / culture code while in a BPM

Hopefully someone can suggest an easy solution here…

We are rolling out ERP to another location that requires Canadian French. I am chasing down all the customizations that we have done and Language Maintenance can translate the majority of strings.

One problem I am having is for a BPM that we have that pops up an exception message. The text for this message is not visible in Language maintenance so I can only propose that I modify the BPM and write a condition that selects the template based on the language currently active in the client. The problem is that I do not know how to determine that.

The only option that has been proposed is to get the user ID from the call context and lookup the language from the user record. Another option would be to use a security group for users that want their messages displayed in French but my preference would be to just retrieve the currently active language of the client. This would then support those that want to change language dynamically.

Does anyone know of a way to get this information while in a BPM?

Thanks for any help.

Graeme Ross
(testing on 10.2.500.11)

Hello Graeme,

In your BPM add a Code widget and in there you can set the following:

if(Session != null )
  callContextBpmData.ShortChar01 = Session.LanguageID;

Then you can use ShortChar01 to detect if = “frc” or “enu” and select the right exception message!


Then change language to english


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Thanks so much!

Do you have recommendations on a Quebec French translation site? I generally get push back when I use Google to translate because Parisian French does not work well in Quebec in my experience.

You can PM me we can talk about it!


Would enjoy connecting. Please contact me at graemer at-sign when you get a chance. Thanks.