Development connection to Epicor E10.2 through Android

HI Experts,
Is anyone here have experience to development a simple mobile android base to connect prem Epicor local server?
May I know is there any reference guide on this for how to get connect and use the object to call the Epicor BO?
Appreciate anyone to share the pdf link for the guideline.


I’ve been exploring Xamarin in visual studio but at the moment read-only, I’m not confident to call the BOs.

I’m only at the very beginning stages but if I build something I’ll do it open source and post it here.

So far I find Xamarin-based apps very slow, but its a start.

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You will want to use the REST services for this, have a look here: Sign In .


Most mobile apps communicate with APIs. You can create your own API into Epicor using Epicor Functions. You still use the BOs on the server side but expose a generic API to your mobile apps. This is how Epicor does mobile development themselves. Putting Epicor implementation specific code in your app will potentially create more work during upgrades.

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Take a look at this thread.


Thanks Mark for your advise and will look into this.

Thanks Hugo and will try to get the file.