Difference between inactive vs. closed project


Is there a difference between inactivating a project and closing a project?

We previously have been inactivating our projects and realized that we can close them. Is there a financial change in either action?


At last check, once you close a project, you cannot reopen it. Depending on your Billing Method, closing a project makes some transactions.

The active flag can be changed without side effects.

Thank you so much for your reply :slight_smile:

Do you happen to know if this is something that was changed in 10.1.600? We are currently on 10.1.500.46 (I know, we are looking to move to Kinetic by the end of the year) and I had one of our users asking me about whether he could close a project and what would happen if he needed to make changes in the future. I tried on Test and was able to close a project and then reopen it. Want to make sure I’m not telling them something that is going to change when we update.

Hi Todd,

I can add a new project, close it, and re-open it in 10.1.600 and 2021.2. However, I know that in a previous life that the Open Project menu item was inactivated and we were not able to reopen the project. As mentioned above, it may have been related to the Billing Method and whether we had recognized revenue or not. Some Billing Types make a reversing entry so the cost/revenue doesn’t post twice. (Once for each phase and once for the Project Job I’m assuming.)

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Thanks for the response Mark. Will keep an eye on billing method to see if it causes us any issues. Once again, thank you so much for checking on the later versions for me so I know what I’m going to be facing.

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