Difference between Nuget REST Packages

Hi Guys,
Can anyone tell me the differences between the 4 REST Nuget packages?
I get the difference between the Core and Standard versions but not sure about the Mobile and just the “EpicorRestAPI”


The one that is just RESTApi is for regular .net 4.x
The mobile one is for xamarin mobile

Thanks Jose but I am not sure I completely undestand as there seems to be 4 on nuget?
Maybe some i shouldn’t use.

For now i am using EpicorRESTAPIStandard - not sure if this is correct or not - but it works!

I will try and catch you next week so we I can get a better understanding.

Hi @PatL
EpicorRESTAPICore works with .net Core
EpicorRESTAPI works with any version of .net 4.6.1 >
EpicorRestAPIMobile is specifically compiled using the Android 9.0 Pie SDK Framework and is for android dev
EpicorRESTAPIStandard is for using with .NET Standard 2.0 > and can be used pretty much anywhere but particularly for Xamarin development.

one of these days we’ll try to make a single package for all these versions it is all the same base code, just hard to develop a single nuget for all.


I would like to help make one package to rule them all. We can multi-target

As soon as we have a public GitHub repo for these projects the community can help you support it so you aren’t all alone.