Difference in GL report for Sundry Creditors and Supplier Ageing report

We’re working on year end closing and have noticed a difference in the values in Supplier Ageing Report and GL report for Sundry Creditors, they are supposed to have the same value. Suppplier Ageing report shows a greater value as on 31 Dec 2021. How can I figure out the reason for the difference?


Supplier Aging Considers your as of dates, Dec 31 GL report uses posting dates. This means you need to reconcile your subledger with your GL.

Usually this happens when you generate a subledger transaction under one fiscal period and you post it within a different period. This likely is just a timing issue and could be happening in your last month of the year(December in this case)

A BAQ with posting balance and Invoice balance could help you with that.

Hope this helps