Different FOB on different Sales Order Line Releases

We have certain situations where the FOB terms will be different for different lines/releases on a sales order. FOB is only available at the sales order header level. What have others done to extend the FOB to the Line/Release level on sales orders? How can that detail be pulled into the Customer Shipping Entry and Invoices?

I would just enter those as separate orders. I have to say, that is a very weird situation. The Customer actually send you a PO with different IncoTerms on the lines?

We are a global company. We import large goods (from our parent company) that arrive at the West Coast of the USA. We fabricate other complimentary goods in the Midwest. So our terms are FCA West Coast Port for the large goods and FCA Midwest Factory (or Ex-Works) for the complimentary goods, all on 1 order (both components are needed for the machine to function properly). Trying to consolidate these goods to a single location would add expense and time and would most often incur extra trucking. With long lead times and shipping times, no customers want to wait longer.

I cannot imagine we are the only company that does something like this.

I have never seen anything like that before, does not mean other companies do not do it.

I would expect those to be TOs instead of orders, but I am not sure of your company/tax setup. When I worked at a global company, everything was set up as an SA and just TO’d between divisions.

Sorry I can’t be more help.