Different PO Numbers for Plants

Only thing I can think of is, create a UD field that will populate with a Prefix






This will print out on the PO and the supplier will put that information on the delivery.


You will have to train accounting to ignore the prefix, but at least they know where it went.


Then you probably need a quick search on the UD field rather than the standard search.


Just  a thought.


We have similar issues, we sort make it work with different addresses on the PO.


48502 Kato Road

Department CMS


Or 48502 Kato Road

Department CIS


You have to let your suppliers that they need to have the correct SHIP TO, which is on the PO.


Miguel A. Santillan

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Thanks for replying - unfortunately we us PO Suggestions so manual isn't going to work for us

I haven't been able to spot anywhere that I can set different PO numbers per Plant so that we can easily identify them in E9. PO numbers are set up in company configuration which is Global. Has anyone come up with a solution/customisation for this?


We wanted our POs to start with a different number depending on the department the PO will go to (we're big on numbers identifies departments). Among other things, It helps receiving to quickly know where the purchase goes as we're spread out over several buildings. Our purchasing agent chose to enter the PO numbers manually so he can control them. I've never tried to automate that thru a BPM although it is probably doable. Hmmm...I may add that to my to do list!

One of the drawbacks for controlling PO numbers manually is that you can't use the create PO from suggestion option.

Thanks for replying - unfortunately we us PO Suggestions so manual isn't going to work for us