Difficulty pulling sub assemblies from Quotes into Partmaster

Please help !

We do alot of jobs with a large number of sub assemblies and we can no
longer pull the entire routing from Quote into part master

When I am pulling details from a quote into methods (Engineering
Workbench). I was getting everything that is in the quote pulled into
methods (operations, materials and subassemblies complete with own BOM
and routing) in one pull. Same as "Get Details" function in Job
Entry. Now, it pulls only one assembly level at a time and every
level 1 subassembly must be checked out individually, then "Get
Details" for that subassembly part, from the same quote. Then repeat
the process for level 2, level 3, 4, 5 etc. until all subassemblies
have routing. One "Get Details" function now exceeds one hundred "Get
Details" in some cases, for the same result, if I make no mistakes.