Digest Number 1089

> We have successfully setup 5 plants who manufacture the same products using the multi-plant module. We did not have duplicate product groups for each plant. In the product group maintenance we left the plant selection blank as well as the G/L accounts. We get our
> sales information by part and by plant with report builder reports using the A/R Account ID, therefore, we are not able to share the same customer among the plants. This is a somewhat complicated issue. Please feel free to e-mail me direct if you have any further
> questions.

Glenn Woods, Controller
M&M Manufacturing Co.

> Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2001 08:47:20 -0600
> From: Don Kollman <donk@...>
> Subject: Vantage 4.0 GL Multi-plant Set up
> Good Morning,
> We are in the process of making the step to 4.0 and are not sure on how to
> set up
> the product groups. We have 4 plants / division. All plants manufacture the
> same parts .
> Do we need to set up duplicate product groups for each plant.?
> How should this be handled?
> We want see the sales broken out by each plant separately and combined!
> Please help!
> Thank You in Advance!
> Don Kollmann
> Heartland EPS, WI Division
> Donk@...