Direct scanning of documents?


We’re currently using doc attach for linking scanned documents to records in the database. Currently, we have to scan the document to a specific location then link it in the Epicor record. Does the capability exist to scan directly from a record? For example, I want to be able to scan a PO receipt directly from Receipt Entry rather than scan then link.


From within Epicor no. You would need something like Doc Start to tie back to a receipt. Or you could roll your own code to do what you are looking for. It is possible. We either drag attachments into Epicor or utilize document types so it stores and organizes files for us we never rely on direct linking anymore.

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Years back (E9) I did a screen customization in Receipt Entry to talk to a local USB document scanner. The user would enter the receipt then click a button to scan the packing slip. The document would then be uploaded to sharepoint and attached in Epicor. It was a great process, but took some code and an extra client .dll.


I was just testing in receipt entry with file linking - took it from my desktop and copied the file to predefined folder
By the way, I was doing this on a cloud install.