Disable a Warehouse

Is there a way to disable a warehouse in Epicor?

We have created a “default” warehouse, this is used only as a dummy warehouse at the company config and site levels., each part has its own warehouse and bin.

Every time we post a cost adjustment, the “default” also gets updated with the cost.

Would like to know if there is a way to disable this default warehouse.

Please assist.

Note: the default warehouse does not get deleted at the part level since the cost update has a transaction at the default warehouse as well.

There is not a specific inactive checkbox in the Warehouse like there is in Part maintenance. What I typically say is that you can add zzz DO NOT USE at the front of the Description. That will push that to the bottom of the list of options when selecting a warehouse. A lot of the forms pull the Description instead of the Warehouse Code.

Thank you so much @Mindy, shall follow your advice

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