Disable Mass Shipment from Action Menu

I would like to disable/hide the ‘Mass Shipment’ option from the Actions menu from the Customer Shipment Entry screen. I have read that you can do this with a BPM, but I am having trouble figuring out how to do this. This is what I see with the trace log when I click on ‘Mass Shipment’…

Ice.Proxy.BO.NamedSearchImpl GetRows net.tcp://gray-epicortest/epitestemw/ Ice.Tablesets.NamedSearchTableset 5/5/2021 07:34:21:1247453 AM 1 0

What is the best way to do this?

Do you still want the “Mass Shipment” button to work?

If so, the the BPM would need to know if tit was initiated from the Actions menu, or the button click.

A UI customization (using code) would work. Add the following to a form load function (you might need to use the wizard to create the Form Load() function)


Might need to make a temporary Before_toolbar event to see what the name is for that menu item.

But know that custom code in a UI customization seems to be something on its way out, as Kinetic won’t allow for this.

I do not want the ‘Mass Shipment’ button to work at all.

You may try Service Security Maintenance where you can apply security at the Method level of a business object:


That would definitely be forward compatible with Kinetic UI

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Thank you @Mark_Wonsil. I was able to apply the security at the Method and the application shows an Access Denied message when trying to create a ‘Mass Shipment’.

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