Disable Predictive Search for Some Users

I recently had a request to set up predictive searching in the job entry screen, this enables the user to look up a job by part number. However, some users don’t want this functionality as it slows them down when entering new jobs or looking up known job numbers. Is there a way to remove the predictive search for just certain users? We’d like to retain the ability to use predictive search in other screens, like project entry.

I rolled this out not too long ago. People just needed to get used to hitting Enter instead of Tab. I also dialed down the fadeaway to like 3-4 seconds, so it got out of people’s way quicker. The complaints petered out at that point.

I would not set up user-level exclusions, even if it’s possible. Try to address what base problem is annoying them and ignore the people complaining solely because it’s a change.

For what it’s worth, I also disable personalizations. Everyone’s screens should look and work the same (excluding role-based field security). We struggle enough with training as-is without having to worry about how Alan moved this field or button and now the new guy he trained is confused because his app doesn’t work the same way.

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