Disable Report Style

Is there a way to disable a Report Style without deleting it?

If not, is there a way to move a style to the bottom of the drop-down list when printing?

  • I tried adding “zz” to the front of the report style name but they still show up in the same order.
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I know that Valid checkbox works in a multi-company setting. It might only work there :man_shrugging:t2:

Unchecking the Valid box works for me. It is the only Style for that report?

The only way I found is by using an updatable BAQ on ice.ReportStyle table to uncheck this value.

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@tse.dba No, there are 10 different styles, that’s why I’m trying to shorten the list. Are you multi-company? John Kane pointed out that it may be a multi-company only feature.

Do you have that updateable BAQ linked to a 2nd table besides Ice.ReportStyle? I’m just browsing that table in SSMS now and there is not a column for VALID so I assume it resides in a 2nd table somewhere.

You have to write “HIDE” in the field “CompanyList”


Edit : Hide info on image


I am multicompany

That works perfectly, thank you.

Here is the original thread where I took this tip from :


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